Christmas Card Etiquette

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When you send Christmas Cards out this holiday season, remember that like everything else there is a proper and not so proper way of going about it. There are a few aspects that Executive Greeting recommends that you understand when you are sending Christmas Cards out.

            First of all, "What type of card should you send?" You want to send a card that fits the recipient. Be careful to send the right cards. For most people a nice looking card that you like will be more than sufficient but at Executive Greeting we provide a large assortment of Christmas cards to fit your needs. If you are worried about offending people from different religions or ethnic backgrounds you are going to want to find a card that does not contain any religious or ethnic tones. Remember to keep the recipient in mind when finding the right card.

            Another aspect of Christmas Card Etiquette is, "Who should I send a Christmas Card to?" You should send Christmas Cards to everyone you can think of. Christmas Cards are a heart felt way of connecting with many people, especially those that you haven`t seen for a while. It is a way of keeping that connection alive with the people that you do not see often but still care about. Remember that send a card to everyone you would want to send you a card, and then some.

            Two of the most important aspects of Christmas Card Etiquette is, "What should I Write?" and "Should I hand sign every Christmas card?" For the first question it is important to make the card a personal message but to also remember that you are writing a note and not a long letter. You do not need to hand write the message but make sure it says what you want the recipient to take from the card. As for the second question, you do need to hand sign every card yourself. Your hand signature gives the personal touch that lets the recipient know you put time into the card and that you care about them. Remember that a well thought out and personalized Christmas card can help build and cement relationships.

            As for, "When should I send out my Christmas Cards?," it is important to remember that at this time of the year the post offices get very busy and it might take a little longer for your Christmas Cards to reach their destination. You should have you Christmas cards sent out as soon as possible. It is recommended to send your Christmas Cards the day or week after Thanksgiving in order for the recipient to have time to receive and enjoy your Christmas card before Christmas day. Remember that you want your Christmas Cards to reach their destination before Christmas Day.